Anyone who thinks it would be fun to go out on the water alone anytime they want needs to get a boat that is small enough for them to control. They need one that is easy to lift, easy to take around with them to all the bodies of water they want to visit, and that is easy to control once they are on the water. A kayak may be the best choice because most of them are fairly small. https://no.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friluftsliv They can check out all the kayaks for sale and even try them out before they decide if they want one. taktelt bil

A canoe is another great option if they want something a bit smaller but not too small. They may want to get a canoe if they think that their friends or family might want to go out with them every once in a while. They can either take the canoe out alone or with a few others. It is nice to have the extra space, and it will be fun to have all kinds of experiences on the water. Sometimes it is nice to just be alone and other times it is great to have some fun with others out there. sup brett

Once they decide between the kayak and canoe, they can get what they want and then get out on the water anytime that they want to. It is great to have the opportunity to be on the water anytime they want. They will spend more time in nature and less time stressing about life when they have a kayak or canoe to use. It is great to have something that is easy to move around and paddle on their own, and they will be pleased with whichever of these boats they get because they will be fun to use on the water. https://friluftsoutlet.no/